We love that you love your new mala beads! Here are a few tips on how to keep them looking and feeling new.

We so wish stretch jewelry was indestructible, but with daily wear, it is likely that the cords will weaken over time. A few simple changes in the way you wear your bracelets will go a long way towards making them last. 

1. Roll the beads gently over your hand onto your wrist instead of stretching the bracelet wide apart to put it on. Less stretching = longer lasting.

2. Try to keep them away from water, including salt water. Most gemstones can get wet and still maintain their brilliance and structural integrity, but the fabric coated elastic cord will quickly weaken with exposure to water.

3. Remove them before applying lotions or sprays. If you never take your elastic jewelry off, it is being exposed to chemicals that are breaking down the elastic over time. Shampoo, soaps, hair products, cologne, body lotions, sunscreen, etc. They all do their part to help break down and weaken the elastic over time, eventually causing it to snap.

4. Try wearing your bracelets on your non-dominant hand to prevent accidental snagging. If you are right handed, wear them on your left wrist. This will prevent them from accidently getting caught on something. 

5. Hold them over a stream of sage smoke if you’ve just been through something stressful to clear heavy energy buildup. Expanding energy is the number one thing that can cause a bracelet to break apart.

6. Take your bracelet(s) off before bedtime. It will extend the life of your mala beads.

7. Remember that luxury items of any kind require a little extra love and care. 

🔻IF your bracelet breaks apart suddenly for “no reason” there is another thing to consider. There’s a strange phenomenon that happens when a mala breaks. Crystals and gemstones are vibrating organisms that breathe in and breathe out energy. Crystals and humans interact by exchanging energy information, and each crystal works differently with your individual vibrational chemistry. It may sound odd, but sometimes they 'leave' after they’ve served their purpose. It's believed that if a mala suddenly comes undone, breaks apart, shatters (or even disappears) it may have already done for you what it needed to do. It usually happens during a time of reflection or with a strong need to release the intention associated with that piece. A broken mala signifies a broken cycle. Your vibration may be completely different now than it was when you started wearing it (which may be a positive thing).  

We will repair any piece of Sacred Health Jewelry at no charge within one year of purchase. All you pay is return shipping costs. Your jewelry will be cleared of any negative energy ‘residue’ and will be re-infused with fresh positive new energy, no questions asked. Simply email brenda.sacredhealth@gmail.com if you ever need to initiate a re-stringing.