To get an idea of the energy infused inside Sacred Health Jewelry, here are some testimonials from clients after their therapy sessions over the years...

“Brenda, I can't tell you how much better I feel after our session. Your energy is amazing. I feel so much stronger, balanced and like I have hope for my future. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through this difficult time. You are a very blessed and amazing soul. An angel." ~Greg M. from Folsom, CA 10/2013

"Brenda, you changed my life. I knew I was guided to you for a reason, but I never imagined how transformed I would be after a session with you. Thank you thank you thank you." ~ T from Roseville, CA 10/2013

"I had never experienced Reiki. In fact, I don't even get massages very often and if I do, it's because I've I pulled something. So I was very pleasantly surprised to discover how relaxing such a new experience can be and how powerful a "hovering massage" could feel. I was immediately relaxed with Brenda, who explained what she would be doing during the Reiki treatment. During my session I was calmed, soothed and relaxed and experienced moments of inexplicable happiness. This same sense of calm, relaxation and gladness stayed with me for the days following. And just as Brenda had explained, I had the sensation of receiving a deep tissue massage, when the only physical contact had been the occasional feather-light touch during the treatment. It was a profound experience with someone profoundly experienced in her art."  ~ Jennifer C. from Rescue, CA 11/2013

"My experience with Brenda was a beautiful and transformational awakening for my spirit.  Our journey together started in the midst of chaos but somehow just the presence of Brenda and her energy calmed and prepared me for healing.  During our 90 minute session together Brenda was able to connect with me on a level that is not reached by many.  Her energetic guidance gave me the confidence to release and let go of the things that no longer served my mind, body or spirit.  Even after our session together, Brenda continuously checked in with me, giving me insight into dreams and feelings I was experiencing.  Thank you Brenda for your healing and loving energy."  ~Christine S. from Roseville, CA.  9/2013

"At first I was apprehensive to get a Reiki treatment since I didn't know much about it, but Brenda explained the process, and assured me that it would only help me and that it never does any harm. It was truly an amazing experience for me!! Very calming.  I saw colors and visions, and was able to reconnect with some emotions that I'd had for my father. I didn't realize I needed to release that pain, but I'm so grateful I did. I guess in a nutshell, it was a time of healing for me. The other reviewers on here are right- Brenda is very gifted!  I loved it! *Update: 6/18/2016 - I have to write in and say how much I love my Ananda Ganesha bracelet! I'm so thankful Brenda expanded her healing into something tangible we can wear every day. This one is just gorgeous! I love the little elephant charm. And I swear it improves my mood. I wear it daily!"  ~Jenny B. from Meridian, ID. 12/2013

"Brenda provided a professional and relaxing session. I had an experience that was both energizing and inward focusing. I have several of her bracelets from her store. I love them and get compliments on them all the time."  ~Jolene C. from Nampa, ID. 12/2013

"Talking with Brenda is always like talking with a best friend!  She calms me with her soothing voice and amazes me with her intelligence and at times hits me between the eyes with her honesty right when I need it.  I am new to much of this metaphysical world, reiki, etc.  I have always believed in the universe backing my intentions, but practicing it is a whole different ball game. With Brenda's help and guidance I am learning more and more! When Brenda suggested an energetic cord cutting and a shamanic journey meditation session, I wasn't sure if I could get myself "there."  But with her guidance, experience and powerful ways she lead me on a journey that was unexplainable and quite frankly to this day hard to put into words!  The cord cutting was something I needed that helped me to let go and move on from a past relationship, but the shamanic journey and the healing that came from that meditation session is beyond words. She was able to clear many blockages for me and put me on the path to healing myself. It was something that I so very much needed.  Brenda is truly gifted and wise beyond her years!  I trust her immensely, value her insight, and learn from her in every session!"  ~Stacy T. from Middleton, ID. 3/2014

"Brenda has a special ability to reveal, and even heal, what lies just below ones everyday awareness.  In her sessions, she creates a beautiful space of peace and love that allows one to completely relax, feeling safe and secure.  In that sacred space Brenda is able to facilitate the release of deep subconscious issues that are holding one back.  After only a few sessions with Brenda I feel rebooted.  She has helped me to see more clearly why things are happening to me as they are.  Her intuitive insights have been truly life changing.  I feel more physically cleansed and physically stronger with every session as layers of past experiences are brought forth and healed.  I am so grateful that she is able to work with me!"  ~Shelley C. from Granite Bay, CA. 4/2014

"I just had my first ever Reiki session and I'm so blessed that it was with Brenda!  Although I was super excited, I didn't really know what to expect.  I only knew I was looking for healing for my heart that had been so heavy with grief from losing my brother, my only sibling.  He was a year a a half older than me and we were always very close.  So when Brenda felt him show up in our session, I was beyond happy!  I felt his presence!  The things he said to Brenda were exactly what I needed to hear.  I could feel his communication with her, especially when she would giggle!  I felt the love and light flowing through me.  It was amazing!!  I felt her healing energy moving throughout my entire being.  I kept my eyes closed the entire time, but sometimes the light was so bright that it felt as though I was staring at the sun.  My heart and spirit were lifted up in so much love, that when I left, I felt like I was walking on air.  I can't wait for our next session!  I am honored to have met her." ~Tami K. from Folsom, CA. 3/2014

"Brenda, I wanted to express to you how much I enjoyed my session with you.  You made it a wonderful experience that I truly believe is going to be life changing for me.  Your communication, warmth, kindness and understanding made me feel relaxed, informed, and excited to begin my healing.  The wonderful explanation you gave regarding your findings at the end was so enlightening.  The difference of how I feel now, compared to how I was feeling before our session, is remarkable! There has been so much improvement after only one day, even after you explained to me, "You will continue to feel improvement in the next week."  I feel so much better, and have had the best night's sleep in years!  You have a true gift, one that can heal people in so many ways. Thank you for the beginning of the path to a better life!  I so look forward to my future sessions with you!!" ~Stan S. from Folsom, CA. 4/2014  

"I have only had the opportunity to have community Reiki sessions, although I have been drawn to it for some time.  As more and more people I knew had sessions with Brenda, it inspired me to book a session of my own.  Immediately I felt like we had known each other for many lifetimes.  She is very intuitive and gifted.  Not only did she make me feel completely comfortable in her space, but I could tangibly feel the positive shift in my mental, emotional and physical states.  Since my session, I have felt more clarity and peace.  I am grateful to her for being so generous by sharing her incredible talent.  I am honored that I had the opportunity to experience her beautiful energy and that she was able to help resolve much of my inner clutter.  She is a brilliant light.  I am eternally grateful."  ~Roxanna M. from Colorado  4/2014

"Brenda, you have given me gifts that no one else could have when I needed them most. Thank you!"  ~Madison F. from Folsom, CA. 5/2014

"I had the awesome opportunity to receive a Reiki healing from Brenda. The experience was absolutely amazing, insightful, healing, fun and rejuvenating. I would love to have one once a month! Brenda is a lovely, gifted intuitive and light-worker. I am so thankful for her."  ~Lindsay A. from Granite Bay, CA. 6/2014

"Brenda was as good as everyone said she would be! I thoroughly enjoyed my session with her and felt very taken care of. I have already raved about her to my friends."  ~Linda A. from Roseville, CA. 6/2014  

"I truly cannot believe the experience I just had with Brenda. I knew she was a psychic medium, but I had never been to one before. When my mother came through during my Reiki session, I was shocked! Brenda knew her name, and told me things that only we would know. I have no doubt in my mind that she was communicating directly with my mom who passed away many years ago. Not only that, but Brenda also channeled my Spirit Guide! The insight was amazing and the whole experience left me in tears. I felt so much lighter afterward. Even in the days that followed, I continued to feel better and better. Thank you Brenda, from the bottom of my heart. You are such a gifted healer."  ~Tiffany S. from Boise, ID. 6/2014  

"My experience with Brenda was so powerful, I was rendered speechless for a full day.  She was able to recognize what was happening within my body, mind and spirit and help me understand, process, and alleviate so much that was nolonger serving me. Her gift is unparalleled. You definitely owe it to yourself to spend your time with Brenda. She can help you understand your path and true potential."  ~Amy T. from Folsom, CA. 8/2014  

"My first Reiki session was an amazing experience. Brenda's softness and her powerful spirit was healing, comforting, loving, affirming, and very moving. The images of new life, dancing, floating free... and cutting cords to release from unhealthy relationships have been incredibly healing. And my journey has just begun. The profound spiritual presensce created a sacred space like no other.  I'm so very blessed to have shared and experienced this. I also bought three of her healing bracelets - the Zen, the Ananda and the Dharma so I could have her loving energy wrapped around me at all times."  ~Kim M. from Roseville, CA. 8/2014  

"Brenda, thank you so much for sharing the blessing that you have been given, with me. I was touched deeply by my session with you, and cutting cords allowed me such beautiful, light-filling freedom. After our sessions, meal and meditation, my girlfriend and I stood in your lobby, held each other and cried tears of joy. I told her that I definitely felt ready to move on with my life now. The next moring I wrote two full pages of my experiences with you from the beginning to the closing of my session. It is something that I will reread and reflect upon often. You touched my heart, soul and much deeper and allowed me to open myself up. I chose Reiki thinking I would have a nice experience and be a little relaxed when I walked out the door. I had no idea that the weight that I have held onto for so many years would be lifted off of my body and replaced with a lightness and love for myself. A love and acceptance that I have not allowed myself since I was much younger. I plan on seeing you again before I move. Once again, thank you so much for your heart and kindness."  ~Denise E. from Vacaville, CA.  9/2014 

 "About my first Reiki experience --- there simply aren't enough words! But powerful, loving and transformational are high on my list! Thank you Brenda!" ~Kim M. from Roseville, CA. 10/2014 

"Brenda is such a beautiful person inside and out. She makes everyone she meets feel welcomed and instantly warmed by her loving energy. She is so understanding and kind that you can't help but hug her. :)  My Reiki with her was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced by far. I learned a lot of interesting things about myself (and past lives!) while being in the deepest meditative state I've ever been. I felt such a good connection and bond with Brenda. She is one of a kind!" ~Lacey K. from Folsom, CA. 10/2014  

" I had my first experience with Reiki and had no idea what to expect. Brenda was so warm and inviting that I felt like I had known her all my life. I had no idea what to expect and what she did for me in just one session is more help than I have received in the lifetime. No doctors or therapists can assist with this type of healing experience. She was able to read me like a book (and I didn't give her alot of information about myself) and that was SO profound. She is a gift. I can't wait for my next session." ~S. from Granite Bay, CA. 10/18/2014  

"Brenda, you've changed my life."  ~Andrea T. from Folsom, CA. 11/14/2014  

"From the moment I met Brenda I felt at ease and at peace. Her training and extraordinary spritual gifts were immediately evident. They were such a source of comfort during my Reiki session. I was able to come away from the treatment with what I knew was long term physical and psychological healing. I am so grateful to Brenda fro sharing her special talent and gifts with me. I feel very comfortable in giving her the highest recommendation possible."  ~K. Gunn from Folsom, CA.  11/25/2014  

"I cannot say enough good things about my Reiki session with Brenda. I went in feeling the weight of the world and the problems of others on my shoulders. After the healing I felt light and free, like I was floating. Brenda helped calm my nerves by talking with me for a bit before the session, asking what my concerns were. After the session she helped me feel at peace by explaining what she experienced during the healing and by asking what I had experienced. It was like having a deep and honest conversation with a long-lost friend. I am so grateful to her for sharing her beautiful gift with others. I cannot wait to see her on a more regular basis for energy healing and spiritual counseling. To find someone like her is rare, someone who truly cares about other humans on such a deep level. What a wonderful gift to have her in Meridian. Thank you Brenda! Namaste."  ~Shalie M. from Meridian, ID. 7/22/2015  

"I reached out to Brenda with an open heart and mind. I was hoping that the stress and anxiety I had been experiencing would be relieved and I was excited about any additional experiences I may have during my session. I have had Reiki sessions in the past at a well known Spa/Resort and those were not even comparable to what I got from my time with Brenda. During the 60 minutes, I was in pure bliss. The energy I felt was incredible and beyond what words can describe. I also heard from my great grandpa, with whom I had I had lost just over a year ago. After my session I felt at ease and at peace. Brenda is an angel that radiates love and light and has an amazing gift to share! We are so fortunate to have her here in Idaho!"  ~Niki D. from Meridian, ID. 7/23/2015 

 "My first Reiki session with Brenda made a lasting impression on me. I visited her when I was going through a time in my life when my energy was feeling low. This was affecting me emotionally and physically. Brenda is a calm, peaceful and compassionate person. She has a wonderful healing ability to tune into a person to connect with the mind, body and soul. My 90 minute session was an extremely relaxing and healing experience. I left Brenda feeling peaceful, calm and serene - yet more "alive and awake" than I had felt in a very long time. Brenda, thank you for sharing your love and light!"  ~Lindsay D. from Meridian, ID. 7/27/2015 

"My Reiki session with Brenda was my first Reiki experience, so I was a bit nervous. She was warm, friendly and made me feel at ease, even though my energy was all over the place. She helped settle me even before we began. I came to Brenda with the need to "clear my head". I am a yoga instructor, a professional designer and artist, and it seemed I could not focus my thoughts, or calm myself down. It began to cause insomnia and I felt stuck in my own progress. Beginning my session I still had rapid thoughts at first, but then I just felt a wave of calm move over me, and I fell into a dream state without being asleep. Many images, emotions and feelings passed through me during my session. It felt as if my body and mind were being nourished with energy to help me heal things I never knew or I just hadn't mindfully healed before. When my session ended, I felt a new kind of energy, a focused energy, and a drive that I have never felt before. My session with Brenda literally changed my life. Since my last session I have felt more grounded than ever before, I feel a weight has been lifted, and a curtain pulled back to reveal my true potential. Since my last session I have taken steps to study energy healing as well as begin my own Yoga Studio, something I never in my wildest dreams thought possible. Brenda knew exactly what I needed. She even mentioned that I could use the energy from a particular crystal in my future meditations, and all along I had that crystal right in my handbag. I had been carrying it for months without even knowing what it was for! I am a believer in Reiki healing, and I can not express in words how much I appreciate Brenda and her loving, radiant energy."  ~Jennifer C. from Meridian, ID.  8/01/2015  

"I am so grateful that Brenda realized that she has a gift and took the steps to get completely in touch with it and develop her skills. After just one session with her, my soul was nourished and empowered. She helped me know where my inner strength comes from. I am enjoying the exploration of a part of me that has been hidden for so long. Brenda is amazing and a true blessing to many!"  ~Sherry R. from Washington 12/29/2015  

"My experience with Brenda was exceptional. She was kind, compassionate, and very skilled as a healer. I went to Brenda because I was in a dark place emotionally. Brenda took the time to listen to my story and make sure I was comfortable before starting the healing session. The session brought me the peace and clarity I was seeking. My gratitude is immense and I would highly recommend her services!" ~Keri A. from Meridian, ID.  1/09/2016  

"I honestly had no expectations coming into my Reiki session with Brenda. If anything I was a little reluctant. But Brenda quickly eased any hesitation with her calming, glowing demeanor. She wowed me from start to finish. My session was very moving which allowed me to break free from some of my fears and anxieties. What I loved most about my time with Brenda is that I came out feeling like I gained a new friend. Her energy is contagious and her healing powers left me speechless. I highly recommend a session with Brenda!"  ~Hailey C. from Meridian, ID.  1/10/2016 

"Brenda is a phenominal healer. I am also an intuitive and had some blocks with some major transitions in my life that were interfering with developing my gift. Brenda picked up on them immediately and helped me gain clarity and validation that my fear and doubt was in the way. I have a hard time quieting my mind in order to listen to my intuition and she healped me with aligning myself with spirit and letting go of trying to control my gift. She put it into perspective for me and helped me to "get out of my own way" and let spirit lead. She has proven to be a wonderful mentor for me on my ascension path. Thanks Brenda!"  ~Nicole Y. from Meridian, ID. 1/26/2016  

"I recently lost my father and I lost a part of my soul. It has been devastating for me and my family. My father was always the strong one, the one that we go to for everything. We shared a special bond that was unbreakable. Nothing can ever prepare you losing a loved one! When I got an email that Brenda would be visiting a local salon that I go to, I immediately scheduled an appointment. I wasn't sure what to expect...but I kept my heart open to receive any messages and hoped that my loving dad would come forward. And he did!! It just took him a little while. :) Brenda was able to get the message from my father through to me and it was amazing. At one point my father asked Brenda to touch my hair. She is able to communicate with spirits and allow them to guide her, so I was able to feel my dad's touch! That moment was so emotioal. She mentioned a lot of stuff that only my dad and I would know...and she described my father exactly how he was. I definitely felt his presence in the room and it was very emotional. I would suggest everybody who is going through a healing process to visit Brenda. She is amazing and she listens and she really wants to help. While every day is still a struggle for me, this experience helped me to at least know that my father is in a happier place where there is no suffering and no pain for him any more. His soul has found peace. Thank you Brenda so much! Thank you for letting me connect with my father who I love dearly and forever!" ~V.K. from Boise, ID.  1/29/2016  

"I had a lot of loss and trauma in my life that left me emotionally drained and filled with anxiety, and because of that I was having physical symptoms. I felt that I had a dark cloud following ne around all the time. Looking for help I came across Brenda's website. I had never been to a Reiki Healer before. Not knowing what to expect, Brenda took the time to explain it to me and answered all of my questions. She made me feel at ease and very open. It was like talking with an old friend. My session with her was life changing! I have my hope back and was able to start to let go of the past and live in the "NOW", to look at my life with hope and abundance instead of Loss! I feel very blessed to have met Brenda and will be grateful the rest of my New Life!"  ~Cat from  Meridian, ID.  2/13/2016 

"I had tried Reiki in the past and would have described it as a soothing experience. My sessions with Brenda were on an entirely different level. I came describing myself as "out of balance". The activities that historically addressed my imbalance were no longer effective, the corrections were short-lived and the exhaustion was profound. The guidance I received about the true source of my chaos and the ways to a healing place don't even begin to describe my experience. Serenity is one way to describe the sustaining feeling and a calm of my spirit would be another. As someone who describes herself as high-energy and tightly wound, I have now found a rhythm to my life that feels rich, fulfilling and peaceful. A renewed trust in God and the universe have been one of the greatest gifts, of the many, I received from this experienced and loving woman. Thank you Brenda!"  ~Lynn from  Boise, ID.  2/20/2016  

"I walked into Body Calm for my very first Reiki session not knowing what to expect going in, but I had done a lot of reading on Reiki and Brenda since she would be the one doing Reiki on me. I have to tell you that I was not only amazed at the whole process but some of the experiences that I had during my session went beyond any expectations that I could have ever hoped for. The session I had with Brenda was amazing! The things we talked about and experienced helped me let go of a lot of things I had been holding onto for years. The things we talked about and her knowing things she could not have possibly known before were amazing. I would recommend this to anyone. I already have another session booked. I highly recommend her Sacred Health Jewelry store too. I love my strength energy bracelets. They are like a part of me. I don't go anywhere without them."  ~Jason G. from Meridian, ID. 2/23/201                       

"I did not know at all what to expect when I went in for my first session of energy therapy with Brenda. I knew it was something I needed, although I wasn't sure why. Brenda greeted me warmly and I immediately felt her presence as a calming, gentle soul who would help put my spirit at ease. My first and subsequent sessions have all been amazing and I don't use that word lightly! I feel uplifted, energized, and I leave with purpose. She has taught me how to bring the energy back that I have expended in my hectic life. Brenda has validated many of my feelings about myself and how I see the world. She has a gift, and I am so fortunate that she has shared it with me. Your spirit and soul will thank you!"  ~Carrie R. from Eagle, ID  2/25/2016  

 "I just want to say how much finding Brenda has been such a great blessing in my life. It's hard to explain what she does exactly. She does a better job of that. I leave with such positive energy! I believe in her gifts!!!"  ~Stacey N. from Boise, ID.  3/5/2016  

"Thank you for our session today, Brenda. Your touch and your energy and your engaging mind are amazing. I'm grateful you've shown up in my realm!!! You've given me a lot to absorb from our discussion and energy exchange, and it is marinating in my brain and my soul. It's a beautiful thing!! Very happy with my Men's Calm Bracelet from your jewerly website too."  ~Jim M. from Eagle, ID  3/12/2016  

"Hello, this is Sandra Mills and I wanted to say that having my session with Brenda Pharaoh was a great experience. Brenda is very professional but at the same time gentle and understanding. She listens to what you have to say and then works on you. I could feel the energy moving in my body and I would recommend her to everyone who wants to experience a powerful Reiki session. I will definitely be seeing her again!" ~ Sandra M. from Meridian ID.  3/21/2016 

 "Brenda, the energy I felt from you was awesome. Thanks for the clarity. I look forward to keeping on course. Peace always."  ~Tim R. from Eagle ID.  3/29/2016  

"Going into my first session, I really didn't know what to expect. I've gone through many challenges in my life recently and was just hoping for some clarity and direction. Brenda has an amazing vibe and I immediately felt at ease and connected with her. It is extrememly hard to put into words what my session was like. I could feel my energy change both physically and emotionally. So many things that we discussed made perfect sense and many questions I've posed to myself have become clear. It's only been one day and I can really feel the difference. Things I didn't even realized I had been experiencing have changed (a mind full of racing thoughts all day long has turned into a very peaceful, clear mind). I feel back on track in my life and my stress level has decreased, giving me energy to focus in other, more rewarding, areas of my life. The session definitely exceeded anything I could have hoped to experience. Thank you again Brenda, you are a truly amazing woman and I'm so glad you have come into my life!"  ~Jessica P. from Meridian, ID. 4/12/2016 

 "I was curious about Reiki healing after talking to a friend who had a great session with Brenda. I had a natural skepticism going into my energy reading, but with an open mind I made the appointment. From the moment I met Brenda I felt she was/is real. I truly believe in her calling. I was impressed and amazed by how good I felt after the reading. I was also amazed when Brenda revealed a few things that she would have no way of knowing about me. I will return to Brenda for more sessions. An amazing and spiritual experience with an amazing lady!"  ~Eileen J. from Boise, ID. 4/19/2016 

"I feel so so great after my treatment! Thank you!! So so good. The experience with you is beyond words! I must tell you...The physical lightness, emotional release, the battle in my mind, the freeing of certain obsessive thoughts... A heaviness has been lifted and I feel free! More importantly the physical feeling, the actual PHYSICAL electricity that had us both speechless...yea...Still speechless! You are so so good at this Brenda! I LOVE YOU! And I love my Prana Bracelet too! It has helped me de-stress at work. One of my dying patients in the hospital actually held my hand and kept rubbing the bracelet on my wrist with her fingers, trying to calm herself down. I know she was feeling the energy inside of it. So relaxing. And SO powerful with your energy. I definitely recommend those healing bracelets to anyone. Thank you again."  ~ Stacy M. from Eagle, ID.  4/20/2016 

"My session with you was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I came to you a lost, confused soul. I wasn't sure what I was to be doing with my gifts. The things you knew, no one would have known. They were thoughts I had kept buried deep down and never really had thought about them again. You helped a lost part of my soul rejoin the rest of my whole being and I feel much much more confident to speak up. It was like a counseling session and psychic reading all in one. It was one of the best sessions I have ever had. Whether you are a sensitive, psychic, or just need some guidance, Brenda is the person to see. She has an amazing gift and a beautiful spirit and I would encourage everyone to see her." ~Serena L. from Eagle, ID. 4/24/2016

"So, um, yea holy crap! LOL. I'll keep it short. Just wanted to say thanks! Mostly for being you. Without question a new friend. In a blink I have more loving respect than any "human" thus far. So grateful we have crossed paths. I'm still in a shocked kinda awe at the experience. I left your office feeling light as a feather. You are my mentor, my tour guide in this human experience, and a gift beyond measure."  ~Kevin K. from Meridian, ID.  4/26/2016 

"It was such a great experience meeting you, Brenda. You helped me understand that I need to trust my inner gut a bit more and to realize I am on the right path. I felt so much love and compassion in my experience and it was wonderful to hear the messages that my family members who have passed on had to say. I can't wait to see you again... Thanks for everything."  ~Christina H. from Boise, ID.  5/2/2016  

"My sessions with Brenda are always amazing. It's amazing to have someone that you just met really "get" you so completely. The spiritual guidance I have received is invaluable, and I always walk away with a clearer mind and heart."  ~ Rita J. from Boise, ID. 5/11/2016  

"Brenda, first off I want to say I LOVE who you are!!!! I truly had an amazing sesssion with you. I believe our session opened doors for me and my spirituality! I felt such a connection to reach out to you months ago and now I know why. I feel lighter, not only in the renewed energy in my shoulder, but deep in my soul as well. Thank you so much!! You truly are an amazing, beautiful thing!! I can't wait for our next session in October. I went home and told my daughter all about our session. After she listened to everything...her response was...I want to have a session with Brenda! She felt the energy and the overwhelming desire to have the same connection with you. My response was.. you will, in time! YOU ARE AMAZING!! Thank you for the long and overdue healing I needed. Much love!!"  ~Christina C. from Meridian, ID. 5/24/2016  

"Thank you Brenda! I have to say, after our session, I noticed that all the colors are brighter and I could make out the leaves on trees; objects just seem clearer. I feel more peaceful. Thank you!"  ~Jessica C. from Boise, ID.  6/01/2016  

"I recently went in for my first appointment with Brenda and it was my first ever experience of its kind. I had no reservations, nor expectations, just an open mind. If you have worked with Brenda before, you know how gifted she is. For those of you who haven't, I'm here to tell you she is the real deal. A total professional and insightful beyond belief. Her skill set and capabilities are absolutely out of this world. Whether you have a specific goal, need answers, or just want to take better care of yourself, schedule an appointment with her, seriously just do it! I'd highly recommend getting a piece of energy jewelry from her website as well. I promise you'll love yours as much as I do. I don't leave home without the Protection Bracelet.”  ~Kevin K. from Eagle, ID.  6/18/2016  

"You have seriously changed my life. I cannot thank you enough. You are an angel."  ~Jason G. from Meridian, ID.  6/22/2016   

"I've seen Brenda a few times and I've had the most awesome experiences! It's so hard for me to put into words the experiences cuz they are based on the individual but I can say I walk out feeling like I can conquer the world. I'm more balanced, calm and relaxed. All the burdens I carry seem to just go away. I would highly recommend her to anybody. In fact, I tell everybody if the opportunity presents itself."  ~Paige M. from Eagle, ID.  6/27/2016  

"I really enjoyed meeting you Brenda. You are so sweet and loving... I really felt cared for when I was with you. I feel really calm and healthy after our session. You are so positive and encouraging. You make it fun to be with you. So glad I got to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again!"  ~Cheri B. from Eagle, ID.  7/17/2016  

"I can honestly say that my sessions with Brenda are game changers! When my soul is feeling "out of sorts" I can't wait to schedule a time with her to get me untangled! She instantly sets me at ease and lifts my whole spirit. What an amazing lady."  ~Brandy S. from Boise, ID.  7/21/2016 

 "My session with Brenda was absolutely amazing...I don't have the proper words for it. It was so intensely spiritual and healing. When I looked at Brenda's facebook profile, I could see that she was pure light and love and I could feel her strong, clear energy. It was powerful. I made an appointment and wasn't able to get in as soon as I would have liked (I'm impatient :))...but timing is so divine! Little did I know that 3 days before my scheduled appointment with Brenda I would go through a major life-changing not-so-pleasant experience. Her timing was perfect. She was able to work with my energy and heal my heart. I've been into energy work for at least 10 years now and have seen and worked with many of them, but I've never experienced the powerful healing energy that I did when I was in Brenda's session. She is amazing! Her love for this work is passionate and it shows through every fiber of her being. I'm so grateful for her. She is a gift!"  ~Annette W. from Meridian, ID.  7/28/2016  

"I had never experienced Reiki or a Medium before meeting Brenda. Brenda has an ease and grace about her that is calming. Her way allows you to relax and open up and accept what she is offering. Each time I visit with Brenda, I feel like another layer is peeling away helping me to understand and recognize what's being offered. I appreciate having Brenda in my life. The messages and healings that she shares are helping me to move forward in my spiritual and physical life."  ~Kathy R. from Eagle, ID. 8/22/2016  

"Brenda, thank you so much for all of your help. For all of us! You are amazing!!!! I would love to tell you how much you've helped me and my girls. You are just so loving and encouraging and the information you give us is just amazing. You help us on so many levels and then you help us with healing!!!! We walk out of your presence feeling loved and healed, ready to get back to our lives with new energy and hope. Thank you for helping us, you are amazing!!!"  ~Sheri from Eagle, ID.  10/19/2016  

"Thank you for an amazing session! I cannot thank you enough for the answers I was looking for but did not know were the ones I was looking for! I have felt so calm and peaceful since I left you. I had some odd isolated pains in the spots I felt you working on the most. Amazing."  ~Brooke B. from Meridian, ID.  10/20/2016  

"Thank you so much for the amazing session last night! I was completely exhausted, but after I saw you I felt open and light as air. My heart is leaping for joy and I feel so free! I appreciate you so much. Thanking the Universe for you!"  ~Elisa H. from Meridian, ID. 10/27/2016

"I've had the pleasure of meeting with Brenda multiple times and every experience is uplifting, positive and healing. I always leave my appointments feeling at ease with a renewed energy. She has helped me to "let go" of things that nolonger serve me and to focus on the importance of focusing time and energy on myself. I'm so grateful she has shared her talent with me as it has definitely changed my life! I've also purchased three of her healing bracelets which are beautiful and wrap me in her healing and positive energy all day! Brenda's insight is amazing and I'm so glad I've opened myself up to her energy healing. Thank you Brenda, it's a true blessing to know you and experience your gift!"  ~Lindsay C. from Eagle, ID. 11/04/2016  

"I love Brenda! I look forward to my time with her and I always leave feeling centered and relaxed. "  A. from Eagle, ID. 11/19/2016 

"My Reiki session with Brenda was so special! What made this time with Brenda so great is that she's so kind, gentle and genuinely so excited for me! Her energy was infectious. She didn't over complicate explaining what she saw or felt. I walked away from my session with Brenda feeling light, loved and so excited for my path. Thank you Brenda, you're such a beautiful soul!"  ~H.L. from Eagle, ID.  11/21/2016  

"Thank you so much Brenda! Meeting you today has been life changing! Namaste."  ~Kelsi G from Meridian, ID  12/10/2016  

"Brenda thank you for all of your endless love these past months. You've helped me get back in touch with myself and find my long lost strength. My life is fuller and brighter because of you! Never in my lifetime would I have ever imagined this would be my life, but it means more than you will ever know, that I am able to keep moving forward with your guidance. With all my love..."  ~Jess C. from Boise, ID. 12/25/2016 

"Thank you so much Brenda. You are a very special woman. I wil be making appointments for my sister, my daughter and my best friend. Can't wait for my next session!"  ~Nicole S. from McCall, ID.  2/10/2017  

"From the moment I met Brenda I felt immediately at ease. She has a way of making you feel calm and totally at ease in her presence. I felt like I was talking to an friend who was completely and totally accepting of me. She undertood the journey I have been on that most would not, and most of all she understood my heart. She just got it. I have had several reiki treatments in the past....but this....this was different. If you are considsering her for an energy healing session, please do. You will fall in love with her."  ~Stephanie from Meridian, ID.  3/3/2017  

"Brenda is a gifed, compassionate and empathetic healer. We began my session with a consultation and it was like visiting with my best friend. She offered insight and spiritual guidance. For months I had been feeling blocked and stressed, and I left Brenda feeling centered and calm. I have already booked my next session. This is one of the very best gifts that I have ever given myself."  ~Michelle C. from Meridian, ID.  3/16/2017  

"Brenda made me feel at ease from the moment I met her. Her warmth and energy made me feel so comfortable and as if I had known her for years. I didn't know what to expect going in, but left in awe of the powerful experience and incredibly excited for our next meeting! I had been longing to connect with a very special person I lost suddenly a few years ago. I was overjoyed when she almost instantly started communicating with Brenda. I am in awe of the unbelievably detailed messages she provided. The whole experience will forever make me smile! Thank you Brenda, you brought me so much peace. I cannot thank you enough for touching my heart and my life in such a beautiful way!"  ~ Carrie K. from Meridian, ID. 3/18/2017 

"We definitley need more authentic healers like Brenda Pharaoh. She is the real deal. An ancient soul shaman who flows with our modern time. I am completely impressed."  ~Anonymous  3/28/2017 

"Brenda literally changed my life. I came into my session feeling down and drained. Just overall sick of life. Brenda made me see how I could change my reality by directing my thoughts. I know it sounds simple but it changed my world. Brenda gives you tools and examples to work with. It really works. My life has taken a totally new direction and I have her to thank. I am now able to look at things differently. I nolonger get stressed out so easily.The depression is gone. I feel energized and excited for my future. Best counseling sessions I've ever had. Not to mention the energy therapy part. She will give you messages from your angels and/or people you've lost. So cool. There's a reason she's booked a year out. It's because there's nobody else in this town like her!"  ~ Bob A. from Eagle, ID.  3/24/2017

"The feeling I have is so wonderfully overwhelming. I wish I could feel this good all the time!! Thank you so much again!! I can't wait to write this all down and research to get in touch with my body and soul. You are so inspiring, Brenda."  ~Josie B. from Meridian, ID.  4/3/2017

"Thank you Brenda for all the happiness you spread in the world."  ~Jessica from Boise, ID. 5/5/2017

"I just booked another appointment. I feel so much better and I'm so excited about what my life will bring now! You are such a gift, Brenda."  ~Aimee K. from Eagle, ID. 6/10/2017            

"Thank you again for another great session! It was amazing as always. I feel so good, positive, relaxed. You are amazing!"  ~ S. from Boise, ID.  6/23/2017  

"What an amazing experience! I felt every emotion exit my body in this one hour session and I felt truly exhilarated when I left. So many negative feelings I was holding onto were gone and I felt like I was given the tools to handle ongoing issues. Thank you Brenda. I knew instantly that you were going to be an inspiration in my life and I look forward to many more sessions."  ~ Mandi W. from Boise, ID.  7/11/2017  

"I went to see Brenda for my first session. I really needed help finding balance and answers. From the moment I met her I felt this amazing sense of peace. My mind quieted and I was finally able to focus. Brenda took some extra time to visit with me about my expectations for the session. I wanted help finding the path to quiet my mind and ease my heart. Within moments I had the answers I needed. It was an amazing session and very healing. Best night's sleep in months! I was ready to make another appointment and emailed her to schedule as soon as I arrived home. Thank you Brenda for helping me find my path to light my life."  ~Joy F. from Meridia, ID. 8/14/2017 

"I didn't know what to expect at my session, so as I arrived I was somewhat nervous! Brenda made me feel so comforable and relaxed, it was as if I had known her before this, and she was a friend. I really liked my session. The next morning I felt really good, and I felt so much love for my family. Thank you Brenda, you are truly amazing! You gave me so much insight on things I had wondered about for years. My mom and grandmother also came through which was soooooo cool! I love the rose quartz crystal she gave me. I can honestly say that it really works anytime I'm holding it I feel so lovely! First experience ever with a crystal! I can't wait for my next session!"  ~Lindsay Z. from Meridian, ID.  9/15/2017   

"Brenda is worth the 6 month wait! Her soul and sincerity are powerful gifts. She brought peace and answers to my unanswered questions. I look forward to our next session together."  ~Jenna K. from Meridian, ID.  10/02/2017  

"Meeting Brenda was a magical experience. I didn't know what to expect from our first session, I just knew I heeded help to heal my wounds, find my purpose and trust the universe. My session with Brenda was so powerful and beautiful that I will never be the same. She knew things I have never told anybody and helped me feel at peace with myself. She puts so much love in her work, you can really feel it during her energy healing. She was able to see and recognize what was happening in my life, my fears and my purpose. I am so blessed to have shared this experience with Brenda. She has a real gift and I am grateful she shares it with the world. Thank you Brenda, you changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful."  ~ Paulina D. from Eagle, ID.  11/7/2017  

"Brenda, I have no words other than you changed my life. So grateful for you."  ~T. from San Francisco, CA.  11/11/2017  

"It was so wonderful meeting you Brenda! Our session was so powerful and I am grateful for all of the gifts you gave me."  ~ Michelle M. from Boise, ID. 11/19/2017  

"Thank you so much for our session Brenda. I am able to feel again for the first time in a very very long time. Deep gratitude."  ~ S. L. from Meridian, ID.  11/30/2017  

"Reiki with Brenda has been completely life changing for me. I was at a point in my life where I was stuck in my comfort zone, heart broken and looking for some sort of crossing guard to point me in a forward direction. Brenda is my crossing guard. My session with her was so emotional but over the top spiritual! She helped my catch my breath and she turned my frown upside down. She is an amazing woman with an extraordinary gift. She has blessed my life in ways that can't be explained. I would HIGHLY recommend a session with Brenda!" ~ Aschli T. from Meridian, ID.  12/21/2017  

“As an energetic healing facilitator and extreme empath myself, I cannot stress how important it is for each individual to have people they go to for support, as well as having a strong personal practice. Being in the mud of tuning into and developing abilities and self practices, I had a very powerful and much appreciated session with Brenda. I have teachers and cosmic study buddies that are part of my daily life and at my finger tips but sometimes we just need to receive. I booked my session as a birthday gift to myself, many many months out, as one must do for a session with Brenda, with my soul leading the way. I could not have imagined the journey I would undergo during those months before hand nor what my intention would be when I walked in her door.  Feeling a bit at wits end and on my knees, all I wanted was to reconnect and feel spirit again the way I know is possible. I was not disappointed in the least. I was able to relax and connect into spirit instantly with her help, dropping out of my mind and getting out of my way, so that my heart and soul could walk through the work with Brenda. My body experienced extreme relaxation, realignment, and the bliss of being filled with pure Source light. In addition, we journeyed through two shamanic rituals, a soul loss retrieval and a grounding the soul into the body. Brenda delivered confirmation after confirmation, from the roses that she saw fill the room from my Grandmother Rosella Rosenquist that always carried a Rosary, to the ArchAngel that is my guide. She did not know that before. She channelled unique affirmations from my team on the other side. It has been invaluable and instrumental in raising and maintaining my higher vibration, propelling my self practices and ability to connect back on track. It is not everyone's journey to be so consciously doing the work so deeply but for those of us that are, I am indescribably grateful for those like Brenda that have gone before, done the work, and walked the walk, not just talked the talk.”  ~Dayna G. from Boise, ID.  12/27/2017  

"I know you hear this all the time Brenda, but sessions with you really are life-changing. I've had incredible results with the bracelets I've bought from you too. You have an amazing, powerful gift. THANKYOU!"  ~ R.V. from Eagle, ID.  1/03/2018  

"Having you in my life has been SUCH a blessing Brenda! I always feel like I can exhale after seeing you."  ~ Carrie K. from Meridian, ID.  1/11/2018    

"Brenda, ever since I saw you, my back has been SO much better! Normally it hurts to some degree almost all the time but since I saw you it doesn't hurt at all most of the time! I'm blown away! In the last 10 months I've spent around $1,500 between doctors, ER visits, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc and one session with you made more progress than any of those things. I can't believe it! I'm so happy! Thank you so much!"  ~Jessica P. from Boise, ID.  1/15/2018  

"This week has been incredible! I received the bracelets I ordered from you on Sunday and have worn them all week. Tuesday I got miraculous news that impacts my daughter and then yesterday my boss gave me the most incredible joyful news. I was just saying thank you over and over and over in my head and then I got home and it hit me. I was wearing your bracelets the whole time! I am so thankful for you and your blessed reiki bracelets. So much appreciatioin for you and my incredible miraculous beautiful lovely week! You are my bliss! I have shared your site with others."  ~Laura L. from Boise, ID.  1/25/2018  

"I always leave you feeling like a whole new person! I feel so centered, grounded and strong. Thank you Brenda!"  ~Elisa H. from Meridian, ID. 2/24/2018  

"I love our sessions! You are such a bright light in my life, Brenda!"  ~ Lindsay C. from Eagle, ID.  3/23/2018  

"Thankyou so much Brenda for sharing your gifts and love with me. My session with you was by far one of the deepest sessions I've had, and I've experienced a lot. You were able to touch on things that I knew (and like to ignore) but desperately needed healing from. It's hard to put into words what meeting with you has done for me deep within. I love you and what you're doing to help heal people! May you continue to spread love and light!"  ~Amy C. from Meridian, ID.  5/29/2018  

"My mind, body and soul are so unbelieveably content after my session with you, Brenda. Thank you, from the depths of all that I am; I cannot thank you enough. The pure joy that is resonating deep from within me is so comforting and freeing. I am eternally grateful, truly grateful. I had no idea that I had extended myself out so completely and I truly, truly cannot thank you enough for helping lift the weight and bring me back into center. All my love and gratitude. May today and each day treat your soul well." ~Stephanie W. from Boise, ID.  8/23/2018  

"Amazing! Brenda is as good as everyone said she'd be! I had to wait for over a year to get in to see her, and when the time came, I almost cancelled my appointment, but I'm SO glad I didn't! Brenda made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. I felt like I could talk to her about anything. Nothing was off limits. I laughed, I cried, and felt such peace afterward. My session was life changing. Thank you Brenda, for helping me to believe in myself again and trust the process of life. I am forever grateful to have met you."  ~Amy P. from Eagle, ID.  1/4/2019  

"Ahh I could not be more grateful to have you in my life! I say it all the time! You're simply the best and I love you so much! Thank you for all that you do!" ~ Lindsay A. from Eagle, ID. 1/28/2019  

"Thank you so much Brenda! I'm very humbled and blessed to have experienced a session with you. I'm glad you got to meet my friend Jen on the other side. She was my person."  ~Serena  A. from Nampa, ID.  3/11/2019  

"From the moment I stepped into Brenda's space, I felt a calm like never before ...a healing power that was so necessary to my current life situation. I had never had a shamanic reiki session and this one was one I will never forget. The power, the energy, the feeling of being wrapped in loving caring arms was beyond what words can describe. A way to descibe what I felt was... a seatbelt is required, because it is an incredible ride/adventure!"  ~Connie M. from Meridian, ID. 3/18/2019 

"I feel so great after my session and my shoulder feels much better! Whatever you put into or took out of it worked well. I woke up feeling super open and receptive also. Thank you Brenda. Definitely worth the drive from Washington. I have only great things to say about you!!"  ~Tyler T. from WA.  3/19/2019  

"I had the opportunity to meet Brenda and experience Shamanic Reiki, my first time. I didn't  know what to expect, but to say it was life changing would be an understatement. I went in hoping to relive a little of the toxins I had built up---"there were tears shed, energy moved and a heightened level of my inner intuitive self. I felt stuck, lacking direction and wasn't believing in myself, but when I walked out, I felt open to new possibilities, I felt taller and I felt the bad goop had been removed. I highed recommend this opportunity. Brenda is worth the wait. I scheduled another appointment and will take the wisdom imparted at this session with me. Brenda gave me wings to fly!!"  ~Connie from Phoenix AZ.  3/21/2019  

"You know when you wonder if everythig you have done or are doing is worth it? When you question your path and then the path gets really good, you worry that something will mess it up? But then you have the most amazing moments with an amazing healer and it all is just beautiful and peaceful and you an finally bask in the glow of life!!! That was today, refreshing and lovely. Some of it I can't put into words, it's clarity times a thousand. I absolutely woul not be where I am today without you Brenda!"  ~ Jessica P. from Boise, ID.  6/3/2019  

"I am on cloud nine! Floating in the love! Thank you so much for taking such good care of my spirit. You amaze me!"  ~Brooke from Boise, ID.  9/17/2019  

"I bought some sacred health jewelry from Brenda's other website, and loved them so much I booked a session with her. You can feel the healing energy in the bracelets (they're gorgeous btw!). I had to wait a year because her schedule is so booked, but then I finally met her in person. She is an angel from above! She has a remarkable ability to channel and translate divine information! Her presence is soothing and calming, but she will make you laugh too. She doesn't hold anything back. You'll feel like you made a new friend. All I can say is WOW, My life has been transformed. Thank you Brenda. I'm so grateful for you."  Sarah U. from Eagle, ID. 1/30/2020

"The time spent with Brenda is worth every dollar and every month (years) of wait time. Please don't be discouraged by her booked out schedule; you will arrive at her hands at the right time for what you truly need. My session with Brenda was both calming and exhilarating, like a deep cleansing breath on a cool mountain morning. But maybe even more transformative than the session itself was the guidance Brenda gave for how to extend the session to serve me through the everyday. I didn't know to ask for a fraction of what I received, but Brenda gave me everthing I needed for this stage of my journey. I want everyone to feel this way, it's a blessing."  ~Erin S. from Boise, ID. 2/17/2020

"Thank you for all of your guidance and Reiki energy over the years. It is much loved and appreciated."  ~Kathy R. from Eagle, ID. 2/29/2020  

"I will always be deeply deeply grateful for the experience and session I had with Brenda. Her angelic presence is soothing and immensely deep and powerful from the minute I walked into the room.  She feels like your  best friend from the very second you walk in. I had no idea what to expect… And  then very quickly my world was opened to such  a soaring new height. She saw my past my present and my future. She saw things nobody could possibly know! The session brought me clarity, peace, comfort and direction. She tapped into the etheric field and shined her exuberant love and the brightest light into my  soul.  The amount of love in the air was palpable.  I didn’t want to leave that space, EVER .. I felt old energy purging out of me with happy tears streaming down my cheek . I  then felt brand new energy flowing inward with the breath of life  recharging my soul and body. It truly changed the course of my life on a spiritual and physical level. I will always  cherish the time and be eternally blessed for the experience.  Thank you thank you thank you." -Jenn L. from Meridian, ID. 8/8/2020

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