How to Call Your Energy Back

As you move throughout your day, thinking about all the things you need to do, worrying about work, relationships, errands, kids, bills, etc, you're spending your own energy reserves. Every conversation you have with someone is an energy exchange. If you feel tired after speaking with a person, they're draining you. If you’re exhausted after thinking about how to fix or get to the bottom of a situation, it's draining you. You’ve spent too much energy on it.

When you’re feeling scattered, disoriented, ungrounded, fatigued, or stretched thin, you can pull yourself together by calling your energy back. Simply take the time to sit in a quiet space, (option to wear your favorite mala) and imagine all the energy you’ve sent out into the world turning around and coming back into your body. The vibrations from the crystals on your wrists will amplify the energy. If you're not wearing a mala, that's ok too. It will still work.

Choose a center point and visualize a bright stream of light (your light, the part of you that is pure source energy) flowing into your body returning to your soul. Imagine the energy flowing through the top of your crown or into your solar plexus (your stomach), or your heart center. As it continues to flow in, picture a bright ball of light growing within your body. It'll feel like it's coming from all directions of time and space. As the sphere gets larger and larger, it'll extend into your aura outside your physical being. 

Continue this practice until your own precious energy fills energy part of you, every bone, every organ, every space, every cell. Let the energy circulate through you and around you, expanding your heart, your mind, your entire body, down the back of your spine and out into your auric field. You’ll start to feel strong, alive, bright and vital again as your enters returns. And possibly tingly from all the light moving around inside and around you.

It may take five minutes; it may take an hour. You'll know when you're “full”, as it will feel whole and complete. The stream may seem to slow down or stop flowing. At this point you may want to envision sealing your fresh new energy and locking it tight. Then open your eyes and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’ve just revitalized your own spirit and taken your power back. Literally.

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