“Everything you can imagine is real.” ~ Pablo Picasso

In ALL spiritual dimensions, everything is alive and sentient with a consciousness of its own, and can be communicated and interacted with, including nature, animals, spirit guides, angels and loved ones who've passed. We’re all 'one' on a subparticle level, connected to everyone and everything that has existed before us. All beings continue to expand, co-creating and evolving together, even after death. 

In Shamanism, we sink into altered states of consciousness to retrieve power, energy and wisdom from other spiritual dimensions. But our physical world (this conscious reality) is a spiritual dimension too. You can tune your frequency into the soul of any living thing, just as you can tune into the soul of another person to feel them on an energetic level. 

Next time you’re outside submersed in nature, close your eyes and listen to the spirits around you. Listen to the whispers of the old, wise trees. Hear their soft ancient knowledge. They have so much to share. Feel the pulse of the earth under your feet as you connect to the planet, alive and breathing with you. Pull the energy up from the ground and let it rise through your body, cleansing every cell. Melt into the spirit of a stream nearby and let it teach you to flow with time. Taste the fresh air and feel relief as each molecule guides you to let go. Draw deep breaths from Gaia, the consciousness of our loving planet. Connect to the soul of a strong, unwavering, steady mountain. Hear her tell that you have the power to whether any storm. Feel the spirit of the wind move through you as it literally blows negative energy debris off your body. Watch it disappear into the ether. Feel the freedom as you come back into alignment, connected to all that IS.

The faint voices of your ancestors are also speaking to you. They’re all around you, still inhabiting your earth space. They’re telling you you’re on the right path. They want you to know that everything is coming in due time. They hear you. They see you. They’re working with you to bring you what you’ve been asking for. Listen for messages and look for signs. Physical signs, like animal totems, cloud formations, crystals, feathers on the ground, songs, kind words from strangers, billboards, repetitive numbers, photo orbs, and anything that seems to be showing up just for you. Because it is. You are being universally guided. Cared for. Protected. Loved.

And just think. If this physical plane can bring us all of that relief, hope and encouragement, imagine what the spirit worlds can offer! We have dimensions and dimensions of help. Why not reach out and ask for everything you’re entitled to as a human on this planet. They’re waiting for you. They’re waiting for you to let go and trust them. All you have to do is ask and receive.

©2021 Brenda Pharaoh