By Brenda Pharaoh, designer of Sacred Health Jewelry™.

"About my pricing. Yes, my malas are more expensive than many you see on the market. The reason? Quality.

There's a big difference in quality out there and most people don't know it. Sellers don't even know it. They simply buy from vendors who advertise "quality" and then offer them to customers at a discounted rate. But they're not trained to see the  difference. Hence, their customers don't know the difference. 

True high grade, natural gemstones are rare and valuable. When the internal crystalline structure of a gemstone is clear, uniform in color and free from visible inclusions, they are striking. The vibration is high. There is nothing to interrupt the flow of energy. Then of course that free-flowing energy is transferred to you.

I have worked in the jewelry industry for 30+ years. I've been a graduate Gemologist for 28 years, and have worked with energy and vibration with clients for over 15 years.  I only accept the finest gemstones and materials and have meticulously perfected the ability to infuse gemstones and crystals with the pattern of energy I choose, like an electromagnetic current. The healing properties of the stones combined with additional energy infusion is what sets Sacred Health Jewelry apart.

My malas are not only made with the most luxurious gemstones, they're powerful and they work. Every detail of every piece of jewelry must meet a stringent high standard before it is shipped to you. A standard I've set for myself and for my customers. My incredible, loving, appreciative, grateful customers. 

Because you deserve the best. We all deserve the best."

© Brenda Pharaoh

*Photo: Inner Magic Mala

*Exclusive original designs by Sacred Health™. All rights reserved. If you see our designs, photos, mala bracelet names and/or product descriptions elsewhere online, they are counterfeit copies or low-grade replicas. Federally registered trademark. Copyright and trademark infringement will be prosecuted.