The subconscious mind records and accepts everything as fact. Whereas the conscious mind knows the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, love and hate (and can discern the difference), the subconscious mind remembers everything and records it in the body. Every detail. Every word. Every feeling. 

This means that the way we feel, the way people see us, the way we look, and what happens next in our lives is all determined by what we tell ourselves and what we absorb into our magnetic fields. The TV we watch, the news we listen to, the songs we listen to, the people we surround ourselves with, the things we talk about, the stories we tell, the articles we read, the social media we follow, the past we keep repeating, etc. 

If a song, movie or story makes you feel good, listen. If it feels bad, stop. Every vibration is recorded. Every moment is dictating what happens next. For all of us. Our collective future. Every second of every day. Over and over and over and over again. How we feel is what we attract. Period. No exceptions.

The craziest part: The subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. Neuroscience has proven that the conscious mind runs 5% of our lives. The subconscious mind runs the other 95%. Ninety five percent!

The way I see it, let's turn the news OFF. There’s no need to "stay informed" of negativity. Let's turn the tragic documentaries off. Disturbing movies off. Horror stories off. Sad songs off. Walk away from anyone who spews negativity at us. Or yells at us. Or yells at anyone. Hang up on rude people. Disengage with people who operate on a lower vibration. Quit repeating stories that hurt us. Quit remembering our pain. Refuse to talk about anyone else’s pain. Stop posting things that make everyone feel sad. Let go of the past. Refuse to judge others. Cut out the complainers. 

We've all done it. Sometimes by default. But if we stop and let it sink in: Our subconscious is listening to EVERY SINGLE WORD. 

If I could suggest to myself and others.. let's only talk about what we want, what we appreciate, what we love, who we love and why we love them. Let's only listen to, read, watch and post positive stories. Let's lift ourselves and choose to only see the good in others. Every day. And watch what happens.

It’s so easy to reach for things that feel better. Our bodies are listening. Our future is listening. 

© Brenda Pharaoh 

Photo by @anewme_a.w