It is extremely important to us that you love your bracelet and get years of enjoyment from it!  As you may know, stretch jewelry is not indestructible. They love being handled gently and cared for like any precious piece of art. They are not fond of rigorous wear, excessive stretching, or being submerged in water. Like anything else, with continued use, there is always a possibility your mala may come apart or need to be re-strung. Brenda offers a 1 year guarantee on all of her jewelry. Any broken piece will be repaired at no charge with no questions asked.

If ever your mala breaks apart, there may be another thing to consider. There is a well-documented strange phenomenon that occurs when a mala breaks. It is believed that if a mala suddenly comes undone, tears apart, shatters, or even disappears, it may have already done for you what it needed to do. You may have received the necessary healing and a vibrational shift has likely taken place. The crystals may have absorbed some negative energy (to pull it away from you) and need to be cleared and reinfused with positive energy. It's also possible you may be being called to choose a different type of crystal now that your vibration has shifted.

Crystals and gemstones are living vibrational beings that work with our individual vibrational chemistry. They absorb & diffuse negative energy and often 'leave' after they serve their purpose. Strange but true. It usually happens during a time of reflection or with a strong need to release the intention associated with that piece. A broken mala signifies a broken cycle. Your vibration may be completely different now than it was when you started wearing it. 

Brenda will be happy to restring it and promptly send it back to you. She will also clear any old energy and infuse it with fresh new energy. It should feel much better when you receive it. You may also want to consider setting new intentions before you start wearing it again, or even consider a new piece with different crystals to manifest new desires in the future. Feel free to contact Brenda for any questions you may have, or to initiate a repair service.

We consider each and every one of you our friends. It is our sincere mission to make you feel loved, appreciated and taken care of. Please let us know what we can do for you. Reach out whenever you need assistance of any kind.

For more information about the designer and inspiration behind Sacred Health Jewelry, see Brenda Pharaoh's About page.