It is often said that malas choose you. The first one that catches your eye is usually the one you're meant to have. It's truly that simple. Allow yourself to be drawn to the piece that speaks to you. 

A mala is a sacred treasure and it usually represents something different to each person. It can be a piece that inspires you, a reminder of an intention, a meditation tool or simply a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. Whatever it means to you, embrace it. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you in your choice. You will almost always call forth exactly what you need. 

If you're pulled to rich royal blues of lapis lazuli gemstones, follow it. Your inner guidance may be telling you you need extra help speaking your truth. If you find yourself smiling when you see a peach sunstone bracelet, you're probably feeling the light, happy vibrations that sunstone emanates. Get curious. Read the intention and meaning. Allow yourself to be pulled toward what calls to you.

Whether you're drawn to the rich caramel swirls of tigers eye or the soft soothing sea-blue colors of Amazonite, we have something that will perfectly resonate with you. Each of our unique designs have a natural earthy zen feel to them. Pick one up, roll it through your fingers and see what happens. They have been known to capture our clients and draw them in, creating an instant bond between Self and Mother Nature. We are all One. Vibrationally interconnected. Co-creating together. 

All Sacred Health mala beads are infused with powerful Reiki energy in addition to carrying their own natural healing vibrations. See our blog article on The Benefits of Reiki Infused Crystals.

For more information about the designer and inspiration behind Sacred Health Jewelry, see Brenda Pharaoh's About page.