Shaman believe that trauma can cause a piece of the soul to drop away. Shocking or painful events can trigger pieces of the soul to actually leave the body. It’s called “soul loss” or “partial soul loss”. If you’ve ever seen someone who appears vacant (no life behind the eyes), emotionally repressed, extremely imbalanced or in constant pain, this is usually due to some form of soul loss. The person vacillates between feeling emotionally numb and chronically depressed.

Imagine your soul as a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. Each piece represents a facet of your soul's character, your essence. When viewing the puzzle as a whole, we have a complete picture of the soul of a person. With an incomplete soul, the puzzle pieces are disassembled, backward, out of place or missing. You can imagine how imbalanced you'd feel if your pieces didn't fit.

A fragmented soul is excruciating painful. It’s deeply disturbing as the person always knows something is wrong; something is “missing”. The splintering of the soul blocks them from feeling joy and may instigate behavior that directly conflicts with their true self. It’s shocking to the people around them, but most of all to themselves.

When a shaman sees fragmented energy around a person and symptoms of soul loss, we do what’s called a ”soul retrieval” to bring the soul back into alignment. A state of wholeness and completeness. To help with this process we often use strong crystals like black tourmaline, labradorite and garnet. I designed the new Spiritual Journey Mala to help bring all the pieces of your soul back into harmonious alignment as you walk your spiritual path. It’s a gentle way to shift the vibrational energy field just enough to feel some relief. But I would also suggest energy therapy with a qualified shaman practitioner.

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Featured photo: Spiritual Journey Mala Bracelet