Friends, if you’re in the Boise valley or plan to travel this way, I have news. ~ After a nearly 3 year long leave, I’ve decided to start doing Shamanic Energy Therapy sessions again. 

Something has shifted, elevated, ascended or upgraded because my intuition, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairalience are off the charts. I’ve received so many requests, messages and nudges from Spirit that I simply cannot ignore it any longer.

So I’m now setting new appointments. No more two year waiting list! Yay!

I’m extremely selective about who I allow into my space. If you’re reading this, it means you believe in my work which means I believe in you. It's very important to me to work with honest, loving, compassionate people, as my treatment room is like my home, an extension of myself. You will be welcomed into my heart and treated like a much-loved family member so it's imperative that your intentions are pure. Energy sessions are close, intimate, sacred experiences that can have a life-changing effect on both client and therapist. It's a dance between souls, an energy exchange that must be vibrationally compatible. It will only resonate if you are a naturally positive person and your heart is kind. If you feel you resonate with this energy, feel free to reach out to me.


Quantum physics (Einstein) taught us that everything is energy. At the smallest sub-particle level, everything in our universe is moving energy (E=mc2). This includes all things, humans, animals and sea life. We’re all just a complex web of interwoven energy fields. So it stands to reason that if we are energy, we can be affected by energy. This is what I do. I move energy in the body.

After an initial consultation, you’ll lay down fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. You don’t have to do anything but close your eyes, lay there and breathe. As your energy melts softly into the table, I will hover my hands over your chakra centers and enter into an altered state of consciousness. I’ll then just simply communicate with whomever shows up. 

In Shamanism we retrieve power, energy and wisdom from other spiritual dimensions. In these dimensions, everything is alive and sentient with a consciousness of its own, and can be communicated and interacted with, including nature, animals, spirit guides, angelic beings and loved ones who've passed. We’re all ONE on this energetic level, connected to everyone and everything that has existed before us. We all continue to expand, co-create and evolve together, even after death. I will be comminicating with other beings as I also tune into a frequency of power within myself. 

I see/hear/feel scenarios through vision, vibration and sound. If an angelic being or spirit guide shows up, I will listen to and communicate with them. If they’re speaking in a different language or only showing symbols, I’ll bring in an interpreter/translator. Spiritual beings flood my body with light and intense love while they communicate. You will feel it too.

If I feel a situation from your life is painful or unhealed, I’ll change it to affect a positive change. Ie: if I see a vision of someone metaphorically ‘drowning’, I will pull them up to the surface. The vibrational shift will affect the physical body, actual life scenario, emotional attachment and state of being. Thought patterns are simply energy waves. Beliefs (chronic habits of thought) can make a person feel stuck and unable to move forward. Moving this energy can help.

The spiritual part of me (the non-physical part) will just be communicating and channeling energy. The human part of me will be moving and balancing the energy, and trying to remember everything that’s happening in the process. I will also determine whether it’s a past event (including past-life), future event, a message from someone who has passed, a message from an angelic being or if it’s a metaphor of your current state of mind. I’ll need your input afterward to help me determine which visions mean what and why. I just deliver the messages.

People who have passed (existing in another frequency) on the other side show me snippets and movies of what happened during their passing, or a shared memory to validate that it’s really them. They usually offer messages for the client on my table, but not every one of them will be profound. Sometimes all they want to say is, “I’m here. I never left. I love you”. 

It’s important to know that not everyone will have the medium experience. Not every spirit will want to come through. If they do, sometimes they’re chatty and have a lot to discuss, and sometimes they only say a few words and leave. But no matter what happens in a session, it is always life-changing. Always.

You’ll feel deeply relaxed after the first treatment having just had warm silky love poured all over you, and will leave with a renewed sense of hope and optimism for your future. My ‘gift’ is teaching people how to be happy right now, in the moment, with the help of Spirit and Divine Intelligence. After the session, you’ll begin to vibrate on a higher frequency, feel better about yourself and the world around you and ultimately experience a total spiritual transformation.


Yes, it’s more than it was three years ago, but I’m worth it and so are you.

Sessions will be held at Body Calm Wellness Studio in Meridian, ID. 90+ minutes long. Starting with the initial consult, then an energy therapy treatment/clairvoyant reading (30-45 minutes), followed with an explanation of what I saw, felt and experienced in your energy field.

The end is the best part. The messages that are delivered at the end of the session are specific and tailored just for you. No two sessions are alike. I’ve seen hundreds of people. It’s truly fascinating who I get to meet on the other side and the messages I get to deliver. Each one of you bring something new and different into the experience.

I treasure you ALL and appreciate the vulnerability you share with me. It’ll be a co-creative, learning experience for both of us. Anything you reveal to me in my treatment room is sacred and confidential as per my code of ethics.

Contact me directly for an appointment. Email

I am only seeing clients in person as of right now. I am not doing remote sessions.

*Those of you who were on my waiting list in 2019/2020 were referred to Michelle Harmon in Idaho. As far as I know, she is still doing remote energy healings. She's very good and I still recommend her for another therapeutic modality.

~Brenda Pharaoh

UPDATE 01/05/2023: Current wait time is 1.5 years